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Use your storage space efficiently !! Our wooden shelving systems are ideal for light weight storage. In particular suitable for low budget shops, second-hand-shops and charity shops, wooden shelving is definitly a better and affordable option.
If you are especially looking looking for a bit more heavy duty or industrial shelving ? You better choose our metal Novarek galvanised system or Brevarek long span system. 

Wooden shelving

QuickRack offers you two wooden shelving systems.


Eurorek shelving is QuickRack’s low budget wooden shelving system. Eurorek is cheaper compared to our other wooden shelving systems because the components are made of East European pinewood; qua structure the look is a bit more rough than Scandinavian pinewood.

Why choose Eurorek :

  • Very easy and rapid assembly
  • Wide range of varieties
  • Affordable low prices


Archos shelving is in particular suitable for shelving archives and storage rooms. Besides that, Archos is also a perfect solution for low-budget shops as an affordable shop interior. Archos components are made of Scandinavian pine wood. Shelves come as solid wood shelves or sandwich shelves. The weight capacity is higher compared to Eurorek shelves.

Why choose Archos:

  • Stirdy system and easy fit
  • Many varieties
  • Components made of FSC certified Scandinavian pine wood.


archos houten stellingen


eurorek houten rekken

Metal shelving

Metal storage shelving offers you maximum use of space with maximum load capacity. Metal shelving available at QuickRack:


Maximum space for little money. With our Brevarek heavy duty long span metal shelving you can create maximum storage space at affordable prices.
This system is easy to assemble and has a high load capacity. Very flexible, robust and gives many years of functional service. Therefore very suitable as modern shelving for warehouses, garages and workshops.


Novarek is our superior shelving system made of high quality thermally galvanised metal. This shelving system features excellent stability and a huge load capacity per shelf. A functional shelving system for your storage room or archive with unrestricted storage and efficient use.
This clip, click and ready system is made for easy and rapid assembly. Each starter bay is fully extendable with extension bays that simply hook on as well in height as in width. With accessoiries like deviders, garment rods and rails for suspended filing folders, you can design any configuration to meet your satisfaction.


novarek stellingen


stellingen brevarek
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