Novarek metal shelving

Versatile, simple, modern, durable, professional and very functional.

A solid galvanized shelving system
Storage space is an essential part for businesses and usually costly. Where will you find a stable and functional shelving system for your stockroom with unrestricted storage and efficient use ? Find out more about our Novarek superior shelving system, made of high quality thermally galvanised metal. Ideal for environments where condensation may be generated. This sturdy shelving system features super stability and a huge load capacity per shelf.

Clip, Click and Ready
You don’t need any screws or special tools to assemble this system. The clip, click and ready system is made for easy and rapid assembly. Each starter bay is fully extendable with extension bays that simply hook on as well in height as in width. With accessoiries like galvanised deviders and garment rods, you can make any configuration to meet your satisfaction. If you need help selecting the correct shelving units for your needs, get in touch with our design team today !!

winkelinrichting met metalen stelling voorbeeld

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