Manufacturer of wooden and metal shelving

QuickRack is a recommended manufacturer and wholesaler of wooden and metal shelving. All our systems are in-house manufactured so we can offer our professional shelving at low and affordable prices.

Manufacturer of wooden shelving

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of wooden shelving systems ? Quicrack is the specialist in manufacturing wooden shelving.  Regarding to shop interiors and sales racks, Brumorek and Combirek are the two most suitable, professional and versatile shelving systems in Quickrack’s assortment for retailers. Besides that Quickrack can also offer numerous shelving systems suitable for stock- and storage rooms, archives and offices. Because all products are in-house manufactured at low production costs. For that reason we can keep the prices low and therefore affordable.

Manufacturer of shelving systems

QuickRack has many years of experience and skills as manufacturer of shelving systems for industrie and retailmarket. We supply high professional wooden and metal shelving systems at low prices. Metal shelving is mostly used for industrial and warehouse purposes and are easy to be extended for optimal use. Archives, libraries, schools, shops and offices are mostly utilized with wooden shelving systems because of its warm and natural look.

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