Shelving systems for Shops, Stock- and Storagerooms, Archives, Office Interiors, Schools and Warehouses.

At QuickRack you will find all kinds of wooden and metal shelving at low prices, made of professional quality.

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Our wooden and metal shelving

Are you looking for a standard size shelving system? QuickRack is your manufacturer and supplier of professional wooden shelving systems, also custom made. QuickRack makes your wishes come true with practical, efficient and stylish interiors.
At the moment QuickRack is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wooden shelving. Because our range of shelving systems comes in all sizes and budgets, we can always offer you a matching and efficient interior. Our design team is always on hand to help, plan and build your shelving system, tailoring it to your specifications.

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Wooden shelving


At QuickRack you will find many different wooden shelving systems in various qualities. Our best quality wooden shelving systems;  Brumorek, Combirek  and  Scafforek are very suitable for shop (retail) interiors. These excellent quality shelving systems consist of many different components which are easy to combine, availble in many varieties.

The Archos system   and  Eurorek system wooden shelving systems can be characterized by its low budget prices and is therefore in particular suitable for fitting up your archive or stock- and storageroom.  For more loadcapacity we advise to go for our  Rangerek system.

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Metal shelving

Novarek  is QuickRack’s electrothermic galvanised metal shelving system (rust-proof). This system allows up to 170 kg. even load per shelf. Because the shelves are adjustable in height every other 25 mm. your archive, stock- or storageroom can be utilized most efficiently with maximum capacity.

Clip, Click and Ready:
You don’t need any screws or special tools to assemble this system. The clip, click and ready system (boltless) is made for easy and rapid assembly. Each starter bay is fully extendable with extension bays that simply hook on as well in height as in width. With accessoiries like galvanised deviders and garment rods, you can make any configuration to meet your satisfaction.

QuickRack can also offer you the Brevarek system  longspan heavy duty shelving system. With racking beams up to 270 cm. width and a load capacity from 250 kg. up to 1.000 kg. per shelf (chipboard), this system is an excellent option for your workshop, garage or warehouse needs.

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Office Interiors

With wooden shelving you create a natural and warm atmosphere in your office. Although our galvanised metal Novarek shelving system is also suitable as archive interior in your office, library or school (files, books, archive boxes etc.).
QuickRack’s wooden shelving is also suitable for being laquered, stained or varnished, which gives you many possibilities to create the right ambiance in various colours.

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Brumorek™ is one of the former “Bruynzeel Monta” lines, designed by the Dutch company Bruynzeel. In 2010 QuickRack took over the patents and is now the only licenseholder for selling this product. The former Bruynzeel Monta goes now at QuickRack by the name of Brumorek.
The components are manufactured in The Netherlands, made of high quality ecological Scandinavian Pinewood (FSC). Brumorek™ (high-end quality) is well known by its authentic and natural look. For this reason many retailers use Brumorek as interior for wineshops, bakeries, off-licenses, delicatessen- and health food shops.
Bruynzeel’s brandname Archos (middle-end quality) is kept unchanged.

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