Archos wooden shelving

Years ago the left overs of the former Bruynzeel Monta System were used for the Archos system. Nowadays it is made of middle-end quality pine wood.
The solid ARCHOS is a modular system made of pine wood. The basic parts of the Archos system are the uprights and an assortment of shelves. Solid pine wood shelves have supporting irons, pre-fixed underneath each shelf, which hang on galvanized metal brackets. When using solid pinewood shelves you reguire the “Monta” galvanized metal brackets.
Sandwich shelves are fitted with scratch resistant shiny surfaced hardboard on both sides which also makes them easy to clean. When using sandwich shelves you need the “Montex” galavanized brackets which click into holes in the bottom of the shelf. There are 2 types of brackets, single brackets and double brackets ;
Single brackets for adjustment at one side of the upright and double brackets for two-sided use of the upright. Brackets must be clicked into the pre-cut kerfs in the uprights. Shelves are adjustable every 60 mm. in height.

Why choose Archos:

  • Affordable prices
  • Broad product range
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Durable
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Technical information


We use “called”  measurements which differ from the “exact” measurements.
The exact measurements (frontside of a shelf i.e. the distance between two uprights) of shelves are :

Called measurement in mm.      90        100         120
Exact  measurement in mm.     871        971         1171

The depth of a shelf is always 10 mm. less than the measurements.
The thickness of an open upright is 28 millimeter.
So the exact length of a two metre bay is : 2 x 971mm + 3 x 28 mm. = 2.026 mm.


Putting up an Archos systeem is very simple, all you need is a “philips” or crosshead screwdriver for fixing the crossbrace(s). Before fixing a crossbrace, make sure the racking is not out of square. When finished, we advise to check if the system is water level.

Load capacity (UDL)

At a maximum of 0,67% distortion of a shelf length, the maximum load capacity (Uniformly Distributed Load)
per shelf is in kilogrammes :

Solid pinewood shelf   Sandwich shelf
Depth / Width 90 100 120 Depth / Width 90 100 120
30 80 60 40 30 80 60 40
40 110 90 60 40 90 80 50
50 140 110 70 50 110 100 60
60 170 130 90 60 150 120 80

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