Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving

Brevarek;  a strong piece of professional metal longspan shelving system.
This robust modular system delivers you unrestricted storage space for good value of money. Suitable for warehouses, (work)shops, garages and large stockrooms.
Frames (2 posts incl. diagonal support braces) are available in standard heights 200 /225 / 250 /300 cm. and depths 40 / 60 / 80 en 100 cm.
Colours : Blue or Anthracite (powder coated).
Support beams are available in lengths from 150 cm. up to 270 cm. with high-visibility Orange finish.
The orange beams lock into place with safety pins on the outside of the uprights.

Maximum load / 2 support beams (evenly loaded):
150 cm.    1.000 kg.  201 cm.    740 kg.
161 cm.       900 kg.  225 cm.    680 kg.
185 cm.       800 kg.  270 cm.    475 kg.

Shelves come in various materials and qualities, but chipboard is the most commonly used. QuickRack’s programm is based on 22 mm. high density chipboard panels which guarantee a high load capacity.The support beam profile is designed in such a way that the shelves are countersunk in the edges of the support beams.
The load capacity depends on the length of the support beam, depth of the frame and quality chipboard panels. When using frames from 80 cm. up to 100 cm. depth, we advise to fix extra galvanized depth supportbeams to prevent the chipboard panels from distorting.

Metalen Breedvakstellingen van Quickrack

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