Brumorek Wooden shelving

Brumorek™  is one of the former “Bruynzeel Monta” lines designed by the Dutch company Bruynzeel. In 2010 QuickRack took up this product to its assortment and goes since then by the name of Brumorek.
Brumorek is one of QuickRack’s wooden shelving systems. Its components are manufactured in The Netherlands and are made of high-end  quality ecological Scandinavian Pinewood (FSC). This first class shelving system is well known for its authentic , natural and warm look. For this reason many wineshop, bakery, off-license, delicatessen- and health food retailers use Brumorek for their shop interior.

brumorek houten stellingen

Why Brumorek

Brumorek is perfect for shopfitting. It gives your shop warm atmosphere and an inviting character.
In this rustic wooden shelving system your products look more outstanding.


The measurements are not exactly the same as how we name them. To determine the exact measurements of your furniture you can use the example as below. Measurement shelves: distance between the uprights.
To determine the length of your furniture you will have to check which items you’ll need and what called measurements you’ll use; per section. When, par e.g. your piece of furniture is assembled as followes :


Called measurement (cm) 45    60     90    100    120
Exact measurement  (cm) 43,6 58,6  87,1  97,1   117,1

Depth of the shelves is 10mm less as called measurements.


Length of the open upright is 28mm, length of the end upright is 43mm. The end uprights with height 179 and up have extra “threshold”. It is not possible to install an extra shelf below this threshold, as there hasn’t been made an incision.

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How does Brumorek work

The Brumorek system is a modular shelving system of pine wood that has been developed in the 1940’s. Modular means that this system contains of loose components that can be combined in many ways. The base is the construction of uprights and shelves. With all the accessories as mentioned on this list you can extend your Brumorek product endlessly.

The shelves have supporting irons, attached to the bottom side, which can be hanged into the brackets. This way of construction is the beginning of your piece of furniture, to be stabilised with the cross bar, ply wood or to be attached to the wall.You can extend your furniture endlessly with all other articles within the Brumo range.To attach the shelves to the uprights you can use single or double brackets. Single brackets for adjustment at one side of the upright, double brackets for two-sided use of the upright. All brackets are available in galvanized.The indentations for adjusting the shelves have been inflicted every 53 millimetres.


The assembly of the Brumorek System is as simple as can be. The only tools you need are a screw driver and a water level. Please make sure your furniture is placed rectangular before you attach the cross bar


Every item can be delivered unvarnished. When you choose to varnish yourself, we recommend to use a very fine (we use no. 180 ourselves) sandpaper.

We also can deliver the items varnished. The available colours are: translucent, black, cherry, dark brown, white and beech. We use water based varnish that doesn’t harm the environment !!

Bearing irons at shelf bottom are available in galva(nized) and white.


Heights uprights:
94/121/137/153/179/211/232/264 cm.

Widths shelves :

45/60/90/100/120 cm.

Depths shelves:


First class Scandinavian FSC certified pine woord
Warm look
Excellent stability and a high load capacity
Quick delivery
Simple to assemble
Extendable in many ways
Competable prices


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