School interiors

It’s well known that order, clarity and structure improves the concentration of pupils and students. You can achieve this by using natural looking and functional shelving systems in classrooms, but also in staffrooms, secretariats, school libraries and school archives; QuickRack’s shelving systems are used by very many schools and colleges in connection with the hugh selection of shelving at affordable prices.

Wooden shelving

Like at most schools and colleges the secretariat is the “heart of de institute”. An appealing interior with wooden shelving creates a comfortable atmosphere representing the whole school. Of course also suitable for utilizing classrooms and teachers’ rooms. Don’t hesitate contacting Quickrack for more information like custom made shelving or special purpose shelving.


stellingen brumorek


stellingen combirek


archos houten stellingen


rangerek stellingen

Metal shelving

Storage capacity is essential for schools, colleges or universities. In the end schooldeeds, all kind of important paperwork and yearly information need to be filed orderly and safe. With metal shelving system you have unrestricted storage possibilities with efficient use and high load capacity.
In particular suitable for technical schools to store al kind of devices, instruments or tools.


novarek stellingen

Shelving units for books

Storage space for schoolbooks or orderly display of books in school libraries; for every school this is a necessity. At QuickRack you always succeed to find a matching bookshelving system at a low price with sufficient load capacity. Our first class wooden shelving, made of Scandinavian FSC pinewood , is also very useful in public areas like school libraries.


archos houten stellingen


eurorek houten rekken
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