Combirek wooden shelvin

The Combirek components are manufactured of first class Scandinavian (FSC) pine wood and will give many years of service and comfort as a stand –alone, side by side, back to back or wall mounted shelving system. Combirek also comes with rounded shelves which give the system an extra striking feature and prominent presentation of your products. With this versatile shelving system you can build a run that will maximise your available storage space. Ideal for all kind of shops and presentation rooms. Components also come varnished (translucent) and lacquered or stained in various colours. Easy to assemble, big choice and quick delivery.
We can offer you a complete interior for a surpringly affordable price. If you need help selecting the correct shelving units for your needs, get in touch with our design team today !!

Why Combirek?

Combirek is a multilateral system; both open and closed uprights are availbale as well round triangular shelves and built in desktops are possible

combirek stellingen van hout

Would you like to extend…..?
Combirek is a modular (pin-hole connection) shelving system so it can simply grow with the expansion
of your business. Also ideal as shop interior or as display unit in a presentation room.
In a Combirek system your products show up at their best.
Components also come varnished so it is possible to match Combirek with your furniture and interior according to your personal wishes.

Standard measurements uprights (open or closed) in heights:

  •   93 cm.
    • 138 cm.
    • 178 cm.
    • 208 cm.
    • 238 cm.

Standard measurements shelves:

Depth : 28 / 37,5 / 50,2 cm.
Width : 43,7 /87 / 97 / 117 cm.

(Thickness shelves is 18 mm.)

• FSC manufactured Scandinavian pine wood
• Warm and natural look
• Simple to adapt with flexible bay extensions
• Excellent stability en high load capacity per shelf
• Quick delivery
• Very easy to assemble / disassemble
• Suitable for all kind of interiors
• Competative prices

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